Hi, I think I need some help with this one.

3 Questions.

I have done mods to make the video capture take a sequence of videos also select a list of filters. However I can't find a way of triggering a filter change,

I am trying not to make large re-write mods but I am in the Object Oriented trap of doing mods in the wrong place.

We have capture-->>CCD-->>Stream -->>VideoOptions and I have been modifying Video options mainly.

I need to get a filter e=request back to capture but privacy issues ar blocking me.
For some reason QT signals are not working for me.

1) Does anyone have any suggestions how to trigger a filter change?

2) Can someone point me on how to submit my mods for testing/merging?

3) Would it be daft to clone the Capture module and write a Video Capture Module?

(There was a business man walking through farming country, hes stopped to ask a local farmer for directions, the farmer replied "Well, I wouldn't start from here".)