In 3.5.7, the focus filter in a sequence automatically changes to the first filter in the sequence.

I can see why this was done, but it's a problem when imaging a target with dim stars in narrowband. 

I have my L filter set as the "Lock" filter so that even if. my imaging is all Ha or Sii I can get enough stars for autofocusing in a reasonable time. The improved sequence logic OVERRIDES this Lock and swaps my filter against my will when focusing at the start of a sequence in the Scheduler.

Now my autofocus fails because too often I'm trying to autofocus with extremely dim stars in narrowband. It's possible to workaround this feature using very long autofocus exposures (like 20 or 30 seconds) to get enough stars, but I would much rather autofocus with my Lock filter.

Please consider rolling this feature back in 3.5.8 or at worst making it an optional checkbox.