Hy Murveit replied to the topic 'Unable to use Online Astrometry' in the forum. 2 months ago

Got your two images.

I am debugging this with the FITS Viewer's solver, and you can try and reproduce my experiments.
Open the fitsviewer solver, which is documented in the KStars handbook, currently on page 169

I was able to solve solve2.fits with the configuration below using my align profile

and here's the Align profile I had. I didn't play around with parameters, it was the first solve I tried with it once I set "use scale" to the right value, which I found in the fits header.
(It may not be the default, you can play around with it, but I'd be surprised if there are major changes with other similar numbers.

Note that only 7 stars were found, so that is pretty few stars for a plate solve.

In the other image, solve.fits, there were only 4 stars detected and the solve failed for me, but that image is much worse quality. That is, look like there is a guiding bump or star trail (i.e. several stars are doubled). Something like that would cause solving issues.