Here are some, hopefully I give you what you want, otherwise, please give me specific parameters for which you want defaults:

  • Aggressiveness for RA/DEC: 0.75 (you can use anything in the range of 0.4-0.8 probably to get started)
  • Integral gain for RA/DEC: 0.0
  • Minimum pulse for RA/DEC: 0.2 arc-seconds (again, don't need to be too exact at the start)
  • Maximum pulse for RA/DEC:  25 arc-seconds (ditto--just trying to make sure the system doesn't do anything too crazy)
GPG parameters--default is off, but I'd use it if I was you.
  • Estimate period: checked, but see below
  • Major period (seconds): you need to look this up for your mount, and if you can be confident in the value, then use that and uncheck estimate period. Otherwise, you can let it run for a half hour and see what value it gets, note that, and uncheck the estimate period if you're happy with RA guiding.
  • Prediction gain: 0.5