Hy Murveit replied to the topic 'Problems with unit tests' in the forum. 2 months ago


When I run unit tests locally, I find I often have to run them in their $BUILD/Tests/$TEST_DIR directory.
So, for instance, in my case that would be:

cd ~/Projects/kstars-build/Tests/polaralign

I'm honestly not sure what the testing environment does when it runs its testing pipeline.
You can see a pipeline output, for instance, by looking at the pipeline link in an MR.
Here's my latest MR: invent.kde.org/education/kstars/-/merge_requests/628
and you can see a pipeline link on that page, which is also here: invent.kde.org/education/kstars/-/pipelines/178754
You should see that my MR passed all the "stable" tests, but had some issues with tests marked "unstable".

Interestingly, I didn't see any reference to TestFitsData in the pipeline output, not sure why.
I just tried to run that test, and also got failures, so it isn't you.
Clearly we need to look at it. Someone must have disabled it.
Don't have time to look right now.

Be aware that we don't have great test coverage, though it has been improved in the past year. It is certainly an area that would be great to improve.

Thank you for looking into things, and looking forward to see what you come up with.