I have a setup where all my equipment is on the rooftop and I control it from my study through a combination of wired and wireless LAN. The whole setup is controlled through a Astroberry+rpi and it works brilliantly.

I use a wifi switch to turn on power to all my equipment in the roof in one go. The problem is that the wifi router in my roof takes about 15 seconds to make the wifi network available. The Astroberry/rpi does not wait for this network. Since no configured network is present, it switches to the hotspot mode and makes it impossible to access it from my study, 3 floors below. To solve this problem, I manually switch on the rpi a few seconds after the wifi router is tuned on. 

Is there a software based solution for this? Can we delay the switch to hotspot and continue to wait for the wifi network to be available? I do not want to disable hotspot completely as I think is incredibly useful to troubleshoot or when I use it in a external dark site. The other solution I am thinking about is a delayed on electrical switch for the rpi. Hopefully there will be a software solution for this.