I have been running two systems, side by side for a year and a half, each RPi/Astroberry running autonomously. So with a single PC laptop I control both RPis via VNC Viewer, and swap between them from time to time to monitor results, and to initiate the next capture session. So far I haven’t used the Schedule module since both systems are readily transportable from storage to outside, and I have no observatory or shelter for weather protection.
Each Astroberry runs as a 5GHz WiFi hotspot - I distinguish between them by renaming the SSIDs as AstroberryRed and AstroberryGreen. I use astronomical twilight to carry out the physical tasks of placing/orienting the mounts and polar alignment, and initial focusing, before retreating indoors (only about 8m away) from where I set targets and monitor results.
I often download image files during capture sessions to the PC via VNC File Transfer, and more recently by setting up Network Drives in Windows File Explorer, relying on the Samba server in Astroberry. This permits me to examine the image files more in detail and for instance, to live stack them using SharpCap Pro on the PC.