Nicola Döbelin replied to the topic 'Avalon Driver Setup' in the forum. 2 years ago


I am trying to install the new Avalon StarGo driver on Ubuntu 18.04 using the nightly packages. However, I am getting error messages because "indi-avalon" wants to overwrite a file from "indi-eqmod". I can work around this by uninstalling indi-full and indi-eqmod, but the indi-avalon package indeed contains indi-eqmod files:

nic@astrofitlet:~$ dpkg -L indi-avalon
nic@astrofitlet:~$ apt-cache search indi-avalon
indi-avalon-dbg - INDI Avalon Stargo Driver.
indi-avalon - INDI Avalon Stargo Driver.

Is this correct or is the nightly indi-avalon package broken?