Nicola Döbelin replied to the topic 'Avalon Driver Setup' in the forum. 2 years ago

sterne-jaeger wrote: Hm, without a working Avalon FOCS, it is difficult to drill the problem down. One option would be that you download the sources and debug it on your own.

I see. But to be honest, I would not even know where to start with the debugging and what to look for. Would it help if I give you TeamViewer access to my mount-side PC? I already pulled the source code of indi and kstars from github and compiled it. Plus I can point a camera at the focuser, so you get a live stream of the movements. I will re-install the PC anyway, so I don't care if you mess it up. And I will disengage all clutches of the mount and focuser, so you can't do any damage when testing movements. What do you think?