Nicola Döbelin replied to the topic 'Avalon Driver Setup' in the forum. 2 years ago

By the way, I noticed two more issues while testing the StarGo driver:

1. When I powered the Linear mount with 12V it stalled during slews and made scary noises. In the ASCOM driver the fastest slew speed (I believe it is called "ultra") is only enabled when the mount is powered with 16V. For lower voltage the fastest speed is "fast", IIRC.

2. Can we enable/disable the keypad? Is it the "joystick" option? I plugged in the keypad today, and after disconnecting it again, slews aborted randomly. This also happens on ASCOM when the keypad is not connected but not explicitly disabled in the driver. To fix it I had to boot windows and disable the keypad in the StarGo driver. Afterwards slews worked again in INDI. I was not able to fix it with the "joystick" option in the INDI control panel.