Hi Jasem, hi startup script folks,

after quite a while, I am back at my startup script issues. When I start the indi_pegasus_upb driver in Ekos, I can switch Power Ports on and off with

indi_setprop "Pegasus UPB.POWER_CONTROL.POWER_CONTROL_1=On"

from the command line.

When I start indi_pegasus_upb driver via command line

indiserver indi_pegasus_upb

I can't manipulate the Power switches. Is there anything else I need to do besides starting the indi_pegaus_upb driver using the indiserver command?

Another question I have is, if it is possible to stop the indiserver in the startup script, so that the scheduler can start the proper profile with all the drivers, after I turn on my equipment via startup script.

Thanks for any help