I want to turn on a power switch in my Pegaus UPB via a startup script. I am doing the following in the command line:

$ indiserver indi_pegasus_upb
$ indi_setprop "Pegasus UPB.CONNECTION.CONNECT=On"
$ indi_setprop "Pegasus UPB.POWER_CONTROL.POWER_CONTROL_4=On"
$ indi_setprop "Pegasus UPB.CONNECTION.CONNECT=Off"
$ pkill indiserver

When I start the Pegasus UPB via EKOS in Kstars, the power switch is NOT turned on. I guess that killing the indiserver makes the UPB turn off that switch again. This does not happen when I start and stop the UPB driver from EKOS within Kstars, even when turning the switch on via indi_setprop in the command line.

Any ideas what I could do to make the UPB keep that power switch in the On-state?