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El Corazon wrote:

Marc2b wrote: El Corazon says :

[2020-07-19T21:17:09.536 CDT INFO ][ org.kde.kstars.indi] - iOptron CEM60 : "[WARNING] Cannot unpark mount when dome is locking. See: Dome Policy in options tab. "

Just as the message says, go to the indi panel/your mount/options and simply click "Dome Ignored". Save and reload and you're done. ;)

- Marc

Done that, of course, but have been unable to test since it is cloudy again now. But if that is all that is required for fixing it, then that's easy enough, of course. Can you confirm, that that is all that's required, Marc? Doug's experience suggested something else.


Hi Jo,

If your nights are cloudy you can verify it works with the indi_simulator_telescope driver (Telescope Simulator in the profile editor )

- Marc