Marc replied to the topic 'Bug connecting through a hub ...' in the forum. 9 months ago

Kevin says :

"Well one thing is certain, if the OS doesn't see the device, INDI never will. So this appears to be either an OS-level, or hardware issue, and not an INDI issue."
Agreed !

"What does dmesg say when plugging in the device?"
Nothing, as for the OS, the EFW plugged to the hub simply does not exist .

You say this happens no matter what hub you use, and both on Raspberry Pi, as well as your laptop? Is that correct?

Now ...

I tried to plug 2 USB keys to the camera hub : it Works, the keys are both available Read/Write.
Same if I plug the USB keys to a separate hub.

So it appears the EFW **IS** the problem.

I tried this set up:

- Focuser and ASI290mm plugged to the camera hub (USB port 1 on the Pi)
- EFW on USB port 2
- Mount on USB port 3
- Wireless joystick on USB port 4

Everything works fine, but I still don't understand why the EFW on a hub isn't detected by the system.
And by the way ... ASI290mm and EFW on a hub both work ... Under Windows ... Which excludes any EFW related problem :(

- Marc