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In Defence of the INDI Server for Astronomy (Vs INDIGO)

The Raspberry Pi (RPI) has added new focus to a low cost way to control the observatory devices and allow a backend server to communicate with Client Software either locally (on the same computer) or remotely using Ethernet, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

However, my fully functional RPI (Raspberry Pi) did not work with a remote mac, (or having worked, may stop working.)

The problem appears to be caused by an “unwanted upgrade to the INDI Control Panel” on the Mac. The INDI control panel on my mac now needs a licence and as soon as I do so, the first upgrade makes it into an INDIGO Control Panel. If we ignore the update and select CONTINUE when opening the INDI Control panel, then it secretly enables “Use INDIGO DRIVERS”

The INDI Drivers from Indilib.org for the Losmandy Gemini 2 appear to use simple USB to communicate, and they work well together.
The Gemini drivers from INDIGO appear to require a USB to Serial adaptor, and then RS-232 must be run into an unused serial port on the controller.
Indigo always seems to be changing my MOUNTS LOCATION, DATE or other obscure settings.

How do I get an original INDI Control Panel?