Glen replied to the topic 'Re:Looping with Mosaics' in the forum. 2 years ago

Eric, thanks.  I have not used the '+' this way before.  So if I want to loop an additional say 5 times, I need to do the '+' operation  5 times (for each panel), and resequence them.   OK - a little cumbersome but that will work.    So apart from this approach,  to your knowledge, there is no way to have it loop automatically, until terminated?  Seems a little odd to me, like I'm missing something, as 'loop until terminated' seems like such a natural thing to want to do (in mosaics)? (And this approach to 'loop until terminated' DOES work in non-mosaics, eg loop thru filter settings (for eg R, then G, them B, for a filterwheel setup).)

Also, I hadn't tracked 'sort jobs by altitude', I think it was unchecked, but I will pay attention next time.  I see how that can mess up the looping.  Good point.