I plan to buy a power controller like Pegasus PPB, and among other things, want to be able to cycle the power to Stellarmate(SM) Rasp pi box.  (My system is a Mac running KStars/Ekos, usually using 'remote' mode [profile settings] for scope, and observatory is on roof of house, and I have ethernet cable connecting observatory to my router).   

Do I understand this correctly, that in order to be able to cycle power to SM, using PPB, I will need to run an Ekos profile in local mode, that links only to the PPB (and maybe a dummy camera), and thru this I can cycle power to SM ?  (where I"m assuming PPB  is wired to router via ethernet (and USB-ethernet adaptor, at PPB.)).  Then, after power turned on to SM, I disconnect that local mode profile, and reconnect with my main telescope profile (which normally will be running in remote mode)?    Is that the way to do this??

Or, alternatively, for PPB power control to SM,  maybe don't need to run Ekos at all, if there is a standalone program that can run on a mac..? ?  
Or yet another option, run 2 sessions of KStars, one that links to PPB using local mode profile, then have the separate session for remote mode (when SM has power.) to control the telescope?