Stein created a new topic ' ARRGG... Its just not working...' in the forum. 3 years ago

As the title says... I am angry, super angry!!! We get maybe 1 or 2 days of clear skies a month where I live. Good forecast for tonight (and the forecast was correct) the skies are clear. And then the INDI (Stellarmate) will not cooperate. For a start it will only cycle 3 (maybe 2, cant remember) images during the polar alignment procedure. Then it just stop cycling.

So remove camera, put on a eyepice, refocus for visual and find polaris.
Remove eyepiece, put camera back in,use BackyardEOS to focus camera again.

Same again... redo procedure above. Spent maybe 3+ hrs on this. No joy.

I give up...

Then I re position laptop in my docking station. Now Ekos will not start the drivers, but the web page run the drivers ok. Restarted the Rasperry pi multiple times. No joy.

As the title says, I am so frustrated, and I will do a float test on all this ****! (throw it in the ocean - if it floats its ok, if not it's faulty). Next time with clear ad dark skies will probably be half a year from now so in 2040 maybe I will be polar aligned. Maybe...

Some screenshots attached.