I've just run into (and resolved) an issue where my Ekos CCD Capture was stuck with a maximum frame size of an OLD cameray.

I had just run into a similar issue on #3 above, steps I had taken to create the issue
1. (on remote server) run indiserver indi_gphoto_ccd (with Nikon Camera, image 4256x2832)
2. run kstars / ekos to connect on ekos CCD capture hitting "reset" on frame size gives me 0,0,4256,2832
3. disconnect/restart indiserver to a different camera, canon (image size is 5202x3456)
4. BUG here: run kstars/ekos to connect. on ekos capture hitting "reset" sets frame size to 4256x2832)
Note: I had changed the image settings on the indiserver to be 5202x3456 and saved successfully
No matter what I tried, kstars set the maximum image size to 4256x2832
5. I RESOLVED this issue by bringing up ~/.local/share/kstars/userdb.sqlite in a DB Browser
ONLY after changinging userdb.sqliite::dslr::Width/Height/PixelW/PixelH was kstars::ekos::capture able to "reset" to the canon CCD dimenstions