Really the same issue, after update of my Stellarmate.

Autofocus after guiding procedure. In linear mode, the focus move to +200 steps, and the autofocus procedure seems to be blocked.
I tried without the focus (on schedule), but it's the align module that seems to be blocked.
Kstar crashes if stop the procedure (focus or align).


Same issue, new instalation on 20.04 ubuntu

indi-full can't install if kstars-beelding installed

indi-gphoto and indi pentax seem to be an issue.


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Hello, i change my setup

Before in this topic:

Stellarmate on RPI4 (box Argon one), Power box GX12 connector 2pins (home made), Hub usb3 12V startech powered (and RPI4 powered with this), EAF ZWO, QHY183M (with FW CFW3), Evoguide 50ED SW with QHY5LII-M and GPS.
TSA102 on AZEQ6.
[Warning: Spoiler!]

60x180s L Filters
10x180s RGB Filters



Same problem as yours.

Lastly, I observe problems on the regulation of the temperature of my QHY183M.

The behavior is random, the automatic regulation works, the next day not.
Ditto with manual control, it works for two or three inputs, after the command does not seem to reach the camera.

I would post the logs for the next test.

Laptop or PI, with two QHY cameras (183M and 5LII-M).


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Nice software, simplicity and efficiency.

Some try... with canon 450D, 20 secondes on 80ED (old files)


I have the same "problem". I have the preset Tab for different focus.
I wish, if possible to have it on the scheduler :at start up and shutdown.
i think it s possible with scripts on scheduler but i dont' know how i do this...:blush: . (command line for focus in/out with pitch value)


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Hi, my setup

Tinkerboard with usb2 hub D-link (ubuntu mate -NAFABox)

29 x300sec (tinker, heq5, 450d, ts80ed triplet, PHD2 50ed evoguide qhy5LII-M)