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Hi experts,

It's been about 1 year since I did astrophotography again with Kstars / Ekos. So in other words a lot has changed in Kstars and fields have been added that I didn't have with the old Kstars.
I put the latest version of Stellarmet OS on my raspberry pi 4 with 4GB of memory. (I am not using a tablet, but an iMac via VNC)
When my entire setup was ready outside, I ran into 2 problems.
So I have 2 questions ...

Question 1
When I created my Ekos profile I created 2 telescopes at the bottom, namely "Skywatcher EVOSTAR 80 - 600" and a guide telescope "Skywatcher EVOGUIDE 50 - 242" on the primary telescope is also a Skywatcher Reducer / corrector, 0.85x connected.
So normally if I'm correct my total focus length is 510.
It doesn't matter what focus length I set to 600 or 510 it stays red. I suppose that color must be green or not?
So the question is what focus length should I put here? the ones in parentheses or something else ...

Question 2
As long as I have been using ekos I have never had any problems with plate solving. (as far as I can remember)
2 days ago I did a plate solving for this DSO IC417 and got the following message "Please enable Alignment Logging in the Ekos Logging Options". When I opened Ekos Option I didn't find a checkbox or anything to check it.
Could the problem also be that we had almost a full moon then?
The strange thing is that flat solving did work at DSO Pleiaden.
So if I have to check in something extra it is possible to take a screenshot of this and indicate what I have to do at Ekos Options.
Or is it normal that you get this error message during a full moon or a lot of street lighting?

Thank you very much for reading this and helping to find a solution.