Main scope:

focal length: 1280 mm
camera: canon EOS 4000D
sensor size: 22.3 x 14.9 mm
sensor resolution: 5184 x 3456
pizel size: 4.29

guide scope:
focal length: 230 mm
camera: QHY 5L-II Mono
sensor size: 1/3 inch
sensor resolution: 1280 x 960
pizel size: 3.75

one doubt: on the main scope I'm not taking pictures at full resolution, I'm taking pictures at 2592x1728. These are the values that I've write in the indi control panel, both for "Image settings" and "image info":

If I put 5184 x 3456 on the "Image Info -> CCD Information" the images are cropped (I have selected 2592x1728 on the camera), is this ok?

thanks for your response