Alex created a new topic ' indi_asi_ccd crashes on stable PPA' in the forum. 11 months ago

Having been using KStars/EKOS for a while with few issues for a while, I've just make the mistake of trying to do an apt-get update on my machine, now the ASI driver crashes whenever I try to connect.

I've seen a couple of threads on here from a month or so ago regarding similar issues in nightly builds but I've only ever used the stable PPA.
It looks to be a version mismatch as the logs report an undefined symbol as reported here

This is x86_64 running Ubuntu 20.04.

I've tried running apt remove indi-full, and apt autoremove, which sure enough removes indi-asi and libasi too.

Reinstalling indi-full results in the following versions being installed:
indi-full = 1.9.1-202106280946-ubuntu20.04.1
indi-asi = 1.9~202106280200-ubuntu20.04.1
libasi = 1.18~202106271742-ubuntu20.04.1

ls /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libA* reports /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ though.

Does anyone know if those versions are correct? The libasi version looks suspicious
What libasi version is indi-asi expecting? Can I just force an installation of the correct version.

Surely the ASI driver dependencies haven't been broken for over a month in the PPA have they?

Any help would be much appreciated.