Spartacus replied to the topic 'Astro-Physics Mount Driver' in the forum. 5 months ago

Hello Hy,

As the mount is not mine :( I have only used it for testing indoors but I am sure that we could try a fully automatic session. I would need to wait for a spell of decent weather for that though and assistance from my son to set up outside as the mount and scope are a bit heavy for me due to a very dodgy back. If I can schedule a session I can let you know in advance. Otherwise I can certainly test new changes to improve the functionality of any changes to the driver but this would be the CP4 rather than the CP3. I might initially need some help in establishing a testing environment as far as the software side is concerned as it's been a while since I worked on the last one. It would not take long to get up to speed with the process though. Just pm me and we could sort something out offline :).