with DSS live (free) you set the path that it will monitor. I had some issues with it debayering at first. There are no settings. Someone told me I had to go into DSS (not live) and set those settings... and DSS live will use the same settings. I have no idea how to use DSS... I tweaked a couple settings to debayer and stack a test. I then exited and then DSS LIVE worked. I use pixinsight for stacking normally... but I do love to use DSS live during acquisition. This is one of the first OSC images I did with the 094 and the only one that was any good. Other targets were to weak for my LP.
I've moved this camera to a little 80mm and a little mount that I plan to use at my daughters (darker skies) this summer.
The only time I ever used DSS was to set debayer. Else should be defaults. (the two programs confuse the hell out of me). Luckily - DSS LIVE has no options. Just set the monitor folder... let some get saved and hit go... or stack. And let the fun begin.

Caseyfinn wrote: Ron that is beautiful and not just for the simplicity of it. Mind sharing your settings for live stacking. I’ve never done that nor knew it was available. I guess you’d just have DSS monitor a folder and anything new is just added on top of the last as long as they line up? Then bring the black levels up/sky glow down in photoshop? And of course you could just watch your project coming together in a kinda rough draft work flow?