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I'm planning to add another DSLR (600Da) to my 550Da, so I can capture twice as much frames at the same time.

I've got a old 40d here and just tried to connect both (550Da and 40d) of them in EKOS. That works pretty good, I can choose both cameras in the camera tab.

But how exactly can I use a capture sequence for both of them? If i add a sequence and hit the play button, it starts only on the selected camera, not on both. But I want both cameras to start capturing at the same time (as i'm gonna do dithering too).

Thanks in advance.




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after a long period of bad weather, I had the chance to gather some data (4 from 10h) for my long time Orion project (3x3 mosaic with 10h for each panel).

My equipment:

Canon EOS 550Da @ ISO800
Walimex Pro 135mm @ f2.8
SkyWatcher HEQ-5 Pro
ASI224MC + ZWO MiniScope for guiding
Raspberry Pi 3b+ with KStars/Ekos

170 x 90 seconds
Bias, Darks, Flats & dithering
Pre- & Postprocessing with PixInsight

Here it is, hope you like it:



Yes, i'll test it without PHD2, with the internal guider and then again with PHD2 as soon as i have clear skies.


I updated everything to the latest nightly yesterday, but the lack of clear sky makes it impossible to test it.

Will investigate this further and report back with new logs.


I attached the 3 log files for you, hope it helps.

Before the window disappears, it always says the following in the log files:

[2019-02-27T20:28:21.617 CET WARN ][default] - QWidget::paintEngine: Should no longer be called
[2019-02-27T20:28:21.618 CET WARN ][default] - QPainter::begin: Paint device returned engine == 0, type: 1

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No, the whole ekos window just disappears like when it crashes, so i'm back to the desktop with nothing open but PHD2.


Hi there,

something strange happend to me yesterday.

I was using my Pi with KStars 3.0.0 two days ago and it worked like a charm. Yesterday however I had a strange bug.

So I did everything exactly as I did it two days ago. After platesolving and ready to start capturing, I wanted to change the name of the object I was about to capture in the camera tab.

There was already "star" filled in, as I solved on a star. As soon as I clicked in the field, the EKOS window disappeared. It was just gone.

Even more stranger, tracking and guiding was still working! So I tried to start indi again, but it told me that another instance was already running.

I couldn't get back to the EKOS window, so i rebooted the Pi and tried it again, with exactly the same result.

Hope someone knows thats going on.