I am still getting this error on the latest 1.4.4 Rpi3 and Rpi4 versions. I ran software updater today, Sept. 29, on both machines and the rules file in lib\udev\rules.d was updated with the 9/28/2019 85-QHYCCD.rules. I have rebooted both machines a number of times.

My camera is the Orion SSAG. It has worked well in the past connected as a QHY. On Stellarmate, the camera is listed as QHY-M-. In the rules file, under SSAG, it says stuff like idproduct "0011" and QHY5Loader.hex.

It connects with no problems, but will not take a picture. In the camera module it says capture aborted and in another place it says GetQHYCCDSingleFrame error (-1)

Do I need to run a firmware update or downgrade on the camera somehow?

What else should I be doing to make this work?