David Tate created a new topic ' I Can't Trust the Park' in the forum. 5 months ago

Ok, yes it normally works. But from now on, I'm setting an alarm 10 minutes after the auto park and check my backyard security cameras.

Yes, I have the Watchdog running. But I think I need a wholly separate utility that is running outside of KStars, that runs like a cron (maybe should be) and runs a park command no matter what is happening in KStars. Not sure if I can run a ascom command while it's currently being used by other processes. Worth a try though.

No I didn't get any logs since I had no idea this would fail. It hasn't in a long time.

Hopefully no damage was done to the motors (I could hear them clicking)... since the ERQ-6 Pro is supposed to have motors that prevent burning up.