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I'm helping a friend setup INDI and PHD2 on an RPi, noteably a RPi 1B (which I think is going to be the important bit here)

I downloaded the raspbian INDI packages for RPi from here: and installed them. No dpkg errors (the first time you run dpkg -i *.deb, there are some errors because of the order the packages happen to get installed in, and there was libftdi was missing, which I installed using apt. Second time around running dpkg -i *.deb, all packages installed without error)

I downloaded PHD2 from github, and followed the build instructions here:

When I run the binary for phd2, I get Illegal Instruction, which I'm guessing is because RPI 1B is ARM6, vs more modern RPIs which are ARM7. I don't think this is coming from phd2 itself, as it was compiled on the raspberry pi, so I'm assuming cmake detected the correct cpu architecture. Is it possible the problem is coming from the binary INDI I installed? Should that work on ARM6, or do I have to compile it from scratch for ARM6?

Is there any known problems running either PHD2 or INDI on RPi 1?