It's usually overshadowed by the nearby Fighting Dragons of Ara that's very popular.

I haven't had much imaging time with the LZOS scope as yet, but so far what I have done with it impresses me a lot.


Long time since I posted any images, mostly because I haven't been able to do much for various reasons. This is from the last week:

10 hours Ha, 12 hours OIII, RGB stars added in.
ASI 2600MM
APM TMB-LZOS 152/1200 at 900 FL


Dragon's Egg.  NGC 6164, NGC 6165<br /><br />Ha+OIII with RGB stars

I've got a CEM120EC2 and it's been working well with Ekos.


Yes, right on the money, thanks. Knew it was something dumb IO was missing. Forgot about that!


I'm probably doing some dumb here, but I can't work it out.

My setup:

  • Focuser is attached to a Pegasus Ultimate Power Box V2.
  • I'm using Ekos/INDI.
  • I've setup the Pegasus as an AUX1 connection in the Control Panel.
  • The Pegasus connects fine and I've got a Focuser tab where I can manually control the focuser.

However when I go into the Focusing tab in Ekos, I have no focuser available.

I have not got a Focuser setup in the Control Panel which is why I assume Ekos is showing nothing. If I try to select any of the Pegasus options in the Focuser list, they do not connect.

Any pointers for what I am doing wrong? I am assuming that this is actually possible to do, of course.


Nice work, this looks pretty good and I'll have to try it out sometime.

How have you got it setup on the hardware side?  Do you have some all weather enclosure, etc?


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