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Ok, I had kstars and indi running a while ago, but had major issue with my QHY128c now sort of solved, but it works
Here is my guide, hopefully I got it right.

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Has anyone had success at getting the QHY128c working on RPI 4 yet, I have got Kstars Ekos working on it and the QHY 5iim and polemaster are seen... Show more

Clive Garner All working now, and fast downloads of qhy128, about 5 seconds on board the RPI4 6 months ago
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Ok Puzzle me a story.

I have Kstars and Indi and Indiweb installed on the RPI-4 4gig version.

It loads devices, EQmod hooks up fine and does its stuff seemily ok

It will not see my QHY128c or QHY5iil at all, but will see my ASI120.

It will take a preview pic, but just loops never downloading.

so what could be the issue, I did have KStars 3.2.2 loaded but fell back back to 3.0.0, which is seen by the Raspian add/remove sofware utility, I did it to see if Kstars was not quite right from compiled attempt yesterday.

grrrr wish I was more experienced so I could dig in.


I have a rpi 4b 4 gig coming too.

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I feel numpty like,
I have since learnt how to deal with this the right way :) as in server mode and let my stellarmate breathe, by using my win10 PC.
still a good learning exercise through error 601! :)


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I had been trying to get my PWS working using an API generated by Wunderground, but as I believe they changed things with regard to way it was done last year.
Does the way the Wunderground is queried for data using their api have to be changed in Ekos/Indi as it does not work when put into option configure, all I get is parameter at 0 error.
I have tested using openweather and I get data, so not my setup failing as per say.
When I dug a bit further, I found that you have to query for your PWS as by example below.
I entered this in chrome, and it returned my information correctly, so the API is working.
The website info regarding this below.
I dearly would love to get this working.


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Here is a shot of sys mon, without FITS viewer enabled, as you can see its close to max limit.


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Stellarmate ver 1.4.1 and kstars 3.2.3 crashing issue
I have been trying to get a stable system running, but still have issues with it crashing out no logs
Equipment as follows,
Please note the QHY128c is a full frame camera with 6056 x 4084 pixels too
RPi 3+b, QHY128c, guider QHY 5ii, GPS dongle, Joystick, EQMOD AZGTi and Wunderground.
I have hardware fixed all devices by hardware allocation as my QHY128c seemed to be unstable and crashed Kstars when taking say 20 shots.
After much to do and some reading etc I have found that the reason is purely memory (1Gig)
I finally used the System monitor and did several experiments.
I made sure all fits options were default etc, but with FITS viewer enabled I noticed that the memory was around average 97% and when it failed the sys mon froze, shortly after Kstars crashed out and sys mon resumed.
disabling FITs viewer then dropped mem usage down to an average of 76%, and no crashing.
Kstars on load takes memory to about 50% memory
Ekos started with devices connected it goes to about 52%, then with imaging upto about 76% (fits viewer disabled)
However its a pain in the butt not having viewer running while doing a session for obvious reasons
Its a shame the memory is only 1G.
Any how is there something else I can do to get over this, i have for the time being resolved to only having USB2 for it etc. especially considering it is a fast USB3 cam
On another note I have tried a Rock64, but have found that the USB3 port is weak, and the QHY128c is not happy on it, it connects then fails on download or does not connect.