Brian Kinyon replied to the topic 'Meridian Flip issue Mac EKOS' in the forum. 3 years ago

Thank you Wolfgang, I hadn't seen that thread. Forgive me if this is readily visible somewhere, when do you think v3.3.4 will be available officially? I'm not savvy enough to "build" the files as they are now, I have no idea where I would even start, lol.

And Andrew thanks again for the suggestions! I'm glad yours is working, sadly after updating and testing with a near-meridian object several times (even with delay set to >0.5) it starts off telling me what time it'll flip which is great and looks accurate, but then still just perpetually says "Flip planned.." when that time comes, and then nada. It does seem to accurately predict the exact time to flip will be, it just doesn't do it. So for now until v3.3.4 is released, I can use that time prediction to set Auto Park to be on the safe side, then if I don't fall asleep I can get back on and plate solve it to one of the previous captures and keep going until morning.