Dean created a new topic ' SM OS polar alignment failing' in the forum. 10 months ago

I did a update / dist-upgrade to my Pi4B+ running SM OS
KStars build 2022-01-23 stable release thinking the issue with polar alignment
would resolve, no go.  I have been successful before with the same gear and
setup for many months but for the past few weeks the PA aborts, parks the mount
and recommends slowing the speed, which doesnt fix the issue.  Is there something
in the stellar solver I should change or is there a log I can post for review ?
Cam is ZWO ASI533, 100 gain, 1.5s exp, offset 10, scope is WO GT71 with 0.8x FR.
Regular slew to target / capture and solve is working fine.  I have checked all cables,
nothing dragging, nothing changed since before when PS was previously working fine