Dean replied to the topic 'Scope Swap now Plate Solving Issues' in the forum. 1 year ago

Im having similar issues after swapping out my 71mm/f4 refractor (WO GT71) rig to a 152mm/f10 SCT (Meade 6" LX65 OTA ACF).
Both rigs use OAG with primary cam ASI533MC (OSC). Both rigs autofocus well.
I ensured all index files needed and recommended are available. Tried each of the 4 options profiles but did not alter
any for the scale & position or align options profiles editor settings. Plate solve success is hit and miss. M3 or M13, no problem
but bright stars such as Mizar will not solve accurately or not at all even after prior successful solves for different targets as part
of building a mount model.