Is this not working in more than one setup? It sounds like you've got a RPi4 and a computer with otherwise identical setups?

My recollection of how Load & Slew works is that it solves the loaded image, slews the mount to the putative centre of the loaded image, then takes a further image, solves it, reslews and so on.

So in this, is it taking and successfully solving those subsequent images?

Reading through your log, it doesn't look like it is.

One other thing I noticed was a difference in downsampling between the loaded image and the captured ones. The loaded image is being evaluated at "Scale range: 3.85544 to 5.78316 arcsec/pixel".

The first autocapture by contrast: "[...] arcsec per pixel range: 1.94069 to 3.8505"

The second (I think) autocapture: "[...] arcsec per pixel range: 1.45551 to 2.88787"

So from my understanding, as this range decreases, you need an increasingly large library of astrometry FITS files.

And that brings me to one last thing in your logs: "Total Size of Index files: 2.44583 GB"

I've got like 18 GB worth. So perhaps you don't have enough of the higher precision FITS files installed?