Jean-Luc replied to the topic 'Problem importing PyIndi' in the forum. 2 years ago

@pawel Thanks for helping, I really can't make new pyindi-client versions as updates are commited in the indi-core master branch. IMO this may not be the best way, as you may have to add code because of swig limitations, code that you are going to suppress on the next indi-core release as you want to keep it as simple as possiblle.
I made pyindi-client years ago, just to see if this was achievable at low cost (I remember I started with using another wrapping tool, SIP). And I was unaware that it was used in subsequent projects since then.
I've proposed to @pawel to include pyindi-client directly in indi-core. I just can't support it alone.

@dolguldur and @GuLinux Don't wait a support for npindi. Really too large.

@dedicateastro The docs for pyindi-client are the C++ docs for IndiClient. No more, no less (almost). I don't want to write a documentation on how to design an indi client.