Richard Horn replied to the topic 'Nikon D5 driver issues?' in the forum. 4 years ago

OK, frustration level 11.

So the last update corrected the image and sensor size problem.

Tuesday eve was clear, and I was finally able to capture a test image. Then I was able to plate solve an image. Then I was finally able to use the Polar Align Assistant and get dialed in for a long track of Saturn.

The system then refused to capture an image.

I have erased all profiles both remote and local, and started over. I did the StellarMate first, creating a new profile via VNC and attempted a capture. It timed out and no image was captured. I then did the same on the laptop, creating a new profile for the StellarMate. The preview seemed to work, so I set up a capture sequence. Once again, no image captured, and the sequence timed out after a period of failed image capture attempts.

So, short story long, On the first clear night in weeks, and Saturn at opposition, no images.

Log and screenshot attached. Log set to INDI, Capture, and CCD.

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