Running latest 3.3.3 .dmg

I was able to do a capture of M 16 for a while before clouds last night.

Light frames with Ha filter worked well, albeit with horrible tracking (next problem). I set up bias and darks in sequence as well, and they were properly captured after I went to sleep.

I set up for flats this morning and it will NOT take an image. If I tell it to take a light with the same settings it is happy.

So in my case it looks like it is just Flats as a problem. I switched over to the Windows laptop and the Flats were taken no problem.

ZWO ASI1600MM-Pro Cooled w/ ZWO EFW. Images saved to client computer. I don't see anything in the log between when I start the capture and 4 minutes later when I stop it. In those 4 minutes the wheel just spins away.... Log attached.

I do think I may have a guiding issue but can't test that until it gets dark. More to come...

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