Again, Thank you!!

I dId a complete upgrade/install on the StellarMate, my Mac desktop, and even the Windows (bootcamp) laptop.

The following apply to the iMac Pro only. I have not tested the windows version yet.

MAC OSX 10.14.5. kStars 3.3.3. indi and Kstars -bleeding on the StellarMate.

The issues capturing flats are fixed. I tried it both ways, letting the "Cover the telescope with an evenly illuminated light source" window count down on its own, and also clicking the "Continue" button. Both worked great.

2 new things.

1. When the BIAS and DARKs were captured, I did NOT get the "do you have a shutter/cover the lens" option. It just continued to capture. It still labeled as bias and dark, and ignored the filter, so that part is fine, but a delay is needed to get the lens cap on...

2. When shutting down, the Ekos window locked up, likely because I was still tracking the mount, and when it tried to disconnect it just sat there with a penny ball. I had to force quit. On the next test, I stopped tracking and parked the mount before quitting and all was fine.

Onward and upward!