Thanks guys for quick reply.

Let me clarify: I'm in process of decision whether to buy iEXOS-100 and get rid of my EQ3-2 SynScan Goto. I've just bought QHY5L-II-M and QHY miniGuideScope and planning to buy TS71SDQ Quadruplet, the only thing remains is the mount.
For my amateur astrophotography I use INDI server on Ubuntu Server 18.04 on RPi2B+ with WIfi dongle. As a client for INDI server I use macOS 10.15 and Kstars 3.3.6 and like to stick with it, as a macOS-only user (no plans for VMBootCamp with Wndows).
My hardware setup is: SW 150/750 on EQ3-2 SynScan Goto as EQMod Mount via PC-Direct mode and Canon 700D without IR filter.
I really like the iEXOS-100 mount because of it's light weight (I have to carry my gear IN and OUT everytime coz of robbing neighbourhood) and for belt-driven mechanism.

The thing is: will I be able to use iEXOS-100 the same way I did with EQMod Mount?

All the best!