Hi Mike,

And to be honest I don't consider a mount being light a good measure for an imaging mount - you want stability.

Yeah, I already know that... BUT I have to consider:
  • my spine injury (doctor said I'm not supposed to lift more than 25kg)
  • neighborhood (guys wandering around at night, stealing things)
  • I'm low on budget and can't afford HEQ5, worth in Poland ~1150$ (it's heavy BTW
I'm trying to find the best solution, and I find iEXOS-100 is the way to go, as the guys from espmc-eight reporting successful 10min exposures.

I think that swapping my old, good EQ3-2 SynScan GoTo for iEXOS-100 is the right choice, as my mount isn't capable of guiding anyway.
What do you think?