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Hey guys,

I have an unresolved issue with my Stellarmate clients and servers. Please find a slide attached in order to help to explain what my goals and issues are.
First of all the goal:
I would like to create a robotic observatory. So far so good.
I use to control the devices one RPi4B named RPI41w. All the physical devices are plugged in there. In addition to that I startup indi_watchdog, indi_Weatherradio and indi_Skysafary as non physical devices on RPI41w. The major job of the other RPi4B, called "allsky" is to run and process allsky camera ( In addition to that have connected a NodeMCU 8266 (wireless minicontroller ( powered by a USB connection) to "allsky". The minicontroller collects weather, cloud and SQM data (indi_duino 3rd-party driver by Sterne-Jaeger: That works fine and reports those data into the indi driver and they show up in the indi-panel of the Kstars client "Astrolin".
Now here is the problem. I do not run kstars, ekos etc on allsky. I start "indiserver -v indi_dome_script as a systemd/systemctl in a unit script.
pi@allsky:/etc/systemd/system $ cat indi-dome_script.service
Description=INDI server for weatherradio,domescripting_ gw,watchdog

Type=simple User=root

When I add two more lines for the other drivers I receive an error message.
I really would appreciate any hint.

best regards Gunter

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ExecStart=/usr/bin/indiserver -vv indi_script_dome


In order to reduce load from "RPI41w" indiserver I would rather like to transfer two more indi-drivers to "allsky" but I don't find a common way to do so.
I'm talking about "indi_weatherradio" and "indi_watchdog" I tried to