Gunter replied to the topic 'Indi-dome-scripting' in the forum. 2 months ago

Hi Ferrante,

it's been a while but now I start using the modified indi-ikarusroof driver. it works on a seperate RPi called "allsky".
Usually I use my laptop as a client for a StellarmateOS-Server called "RPI44". This server uses drivers from "allsky" like indi_gpsd and indi_ikarusroof_dome.
Masterserver "RPI44" links to "allsky" by @allsky term in config module of EKOS. The client laptop can not find the "ikarusroof" driver under "Domes" section. Can you explain or advice hoew to proceed? Again the driver works and shows up in the local EKOS-Profile on "allsky" but not on the client laptop.

thank you in advance