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Hi Adrien.
No sorry I don't have a solution, I only want to tell you that I am succesfully running RPI the way you describe.

I started with RP3 as a hotspot running only indiserver with Kstars/Ekos running on my laptop connecting via wifi.
Connected devices on the RP were my mount, CMOS-camera  and a Polemaster camera

This year I upgraded to a RP4 with 4GB RAM. I then moved all software to RP including
Kstars/Ekos. Still running as a hotspot I only use a simple VNC-viewer to connect.
I connect my CMOS-cameras to USB3 and the mount and Polemaster to USB2.

Works with no problem, I am often out in -15 degrees Celsius or colder, sitting in my car controlling everything
and no problem.

I know stable power is important. And have you tested an external wifi-dongle?

So don't give up, it should work. Sorry that I can't help you more.

++Håkan W++


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Does the rotation of the guide camera matter? Does it matter versus the main camera, let's say 180 degrees?

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Ok, I will start with gdb and take it from there.

Thanks for that tip!



attached is a zipfile containing:
    scheduler-file, m13.esl
    capture-file, ccd_test.esq
    analyze-file for the job
    log-file for the job
The scheduled job is simple, running in Simulator-profile:
    unpark scope
    slew to target M13
    take 3 shots
    slew back and park.
Hope this can give some hints.

As I wrote, it works OK in Kubuntu 20.10, but not on the Raspberry Pi (latest version)
and OpenSuse Tumbleweed.



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File Name: M13_simulator.zip
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Now and then Kstars crashes more or less without any indication of why.
Is there a way of analyzing, is there a coredump to analyze or some other way?

++Håkan W++


I have a number of scheduled job running on my Raspberry PI. But when I then want to analyze a job
using the (exellent!) Analyzer, the imagename is missing on every CaptureComplete-line. 

Eg from a test-run:

The Raspberry is running:
    Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (Buster)
    indiserver: 1.9.1
    Kstars: Build 2021-07-15
    Kde: 5.54.0
    Qt: 5.11.3
    xcb windowing system

However, running the same versions on a PC with [K]ubuntu 20.10, it works OK, the imagename is there.

++Håkan W++


Hi Grimaldi, thanks for your input!

The function "Find Object" (Ctrl-F) works well as long as the object as small (point), lika a star.
Then is is easy to find where to right-click to get the popup-menu.

My problem is when the object is large, like the Andromeda galaxy, Orion or Viel nebula etc.
Most of the time I get an "Empty Sky Andromeda" menu (or similar) instead of the right menu, see attachment.
I have to click very, very, very precise in the middle(?) of the object to get the corresponding menu popup.

So my wish is that as long as I clock inside the marked object i will get the menu for the object I was looking for.

OK, what if I want the click on one of the stars inside the marked object?
Then my idea is:
1) If I search for an object using the Ctrl-F function then that object is marked (in prio) and any click inside it corresponds to that object.
2) If I just click randomly in the skychart (no Ctrl-F) then I get what I am clicking on, a star, whatever, regardless of other near or overlapping objects




Hi Jasem,
and thanks for Your quick answer!

Yes, I am aware of that "edit-procedure" with double-click and so on.
Maybe I was a bit misleading when I wrote the "have pushed the + and check buttons" thing.

But still, I have to do some small edit/change in any of the RA/DEC-fields to
make the new coordinates to be saved.

I am running Kstar 3.5.4:
Build: 2021-07-08T11:29:17Z
Stable release

on [K]ubuntu 20.10:
KDE Frameworks 5.74.0
Qt 5.14.2 (built against 5.14.2)
The xcb windowing system


If I center an object i Sky Map, then push the "Fill coordinates with Sky Map center"-button,
the RA/DEC-fields are filled with the coordinates correctly. Then I save this as a job (esl-file)

However, if I later load this job/file and changes the coordinates by center another coordinate/objects,
the new coordinates are displayed in the RA/DEC fields but not saved when saved to the file. The old coordinates are still there.

But if I manually change something in the RA/DEC-field before saving, (eg. just rewrite a digit) the the new coordinates are saved.

Yes I have pushed the + and check buttons.


++Håkan W++


If I use the "Find object", the object is centered but not marked in any way (like in e.g. Stellarium)
so it may be hard to locate it in order to bring up the right-click menu.
And if I zoom in to much I have to right-click exactly on the correct spot to bring it up, else
all I see is a "Empty sky Andromeda" menu even if I click inside the Andromeda galaxy.

Am I missing something in the settings?

Håkan W