Sorry, didn't grab them this time. But I've narrowed down the issue. I don't think it is necessarily in the Alignment module. I've got a complex setup with two people sharing a single observatory. When we both connect to the remote drivers that run the roof, gps, weather and watchdog, we get the issue, but when only one of us connects to those everything works fine.

Pier A has a Raspberry Pi running ubuntu 20.04, and latest stable indi drivers and indi web manager.
Pier B has a NUC running Xubuntu 20.04, latest stable KStars and indi.
Common Computer is a Raspberry Pi running Raspberry Pi OS Lite, and latest indi drivers and indi web manager from the astroberry repo. This runs the GPSD, OpenWeatherMap, Weather Meta, WatchDog and my own Roof driver.
Desktop A runs Xubuntu 20.04, KStars 3.5.3 and indi (not sure of version right now).

If both Desktop A KStars and the NUC on Pier B KStars connect to the running drivers on the Common Computer, I'm able to reproduce the problem. I'm now able to work around the issue while I do some more debugging. Just a hunch, but it feels like something is getting lost with multiple clients talking to drivers that want to snoop on a single telescope.