Paul Nixon replied to the topic 'Slewing wrong direction' in the forum. 1 month ago

Hi Nigel,

The clicked current and write is an Ekos thing (Indi control panel, mount, site management, park position "Current" "Default" "Write Data" "Purge Data". I presumed you can move the mount to a park position, click current, then write data and it should make that the park position. I *think* this is actually for custom park positions.

When I connect to the mount, it shows up at Polaris. But there is a feature under Eqmod where you can right click anywhere on the screen, select Eqmod mount, then Goto & Set as Park Position. When I did this, the mount would slew to some place way way away from Polaris. I don't know why.

The good news, apparently, is that I reprogrammed the AstroEQ controller to invert DEC, and the mount now appears to be slewing in the correct direction. I had assumed inverting DEC in Indi control panel would have done this, but apparently not. Hopefully, skies will be clear for real testing!