Hatim Abu Abu Shawareb replied to the topic 'Post your INDI Setup!' in the forum. 2 years ago

Before I go through my setup, I just wanna say wow, some of the stuff on here is amazing. Well done everyone!!

This is what I have:

- RPI3B+
- Losmandy G11
- Stellarvue 80mm F/6 APO
- Atik 383L+
- QHY5II with Orion 50mm guiding scope
- Pegasus focuser
- Flip-Flat
- QHY Polemaster
- Pegasus Ultimate powerbox to juice everything up :)

I know it's a lot and I know I really need to control the rat's nest of cables. With this I'm able to completely take all my light flats and darks from indoors. I setup the scheduler before it gets too dark, and watch it for a bit to make sure nothing funny happens. I the morning I check the logs then go upstairs to cover everything up. Now if we can get a couple of clear nights.... :-D