Craig Oakley replied to the topic 'indi_celestron_aux' in the forum. 2 years ago

I was able to get in some testing last night.

I tried the "Nearest Math Plugin" with no success. The default is "Inbuilt Math Plugin".

Just to verify my setup, I went back to the old Celestron CGEM driver (indi_celestron_gps) with the hand controller and RS 232 cable. Everything works with no issues.

Then I verified the SkyQ WiFi module without Ekos using the Celestron SkyPortal app. Again, everything worked as expected with no issues.

So back to testing the Celestron AUX driver. Before every test I reset the mount to the initial configuration: EQ North with RA/Dec set to the index marks. I also reset the driver (purge configuration).

I even tried the Celestron AUX driver using the serial interface. No matter what steps or math plugin I use, the mount does not know where it is pointing. I also tried both manual and plate-solving to sync.

For example: I reset my mount configuration and the driver. Power up with the hand controller connected. With the mount pointed towards Polaris, I use the hand controller to slew to a bright star and sync Ekos with the RA and Dec coordinates. I repeat this with at least 6 stars added to the alignment set size. Then I use Kstars to goto a new star close to where I was last pointing. The mount slews far in the opposite direction.

If you would like me to test any specific procedure, just let me know.

Thanks for the help...