Craig Oakley replied to the topic 'indi_celestron_aux' in the forum. 2 years ago

1) The hand controller was originally disconnected as suggested in the AUX documentation. I only connected the hand controller for testing. The hand controller is also needed during testing using the serial/RS232 interface.

2) Yes. When I first connect the AUX driver, I select the "Mount Info" tab and change the "Mount Type" to "Equatorial". The default is AltAz.

3) Yes. The "Alignment Subsystem Active" button and the "Inbuilt Math Plugin" button is green and already active after first connecting. To confirm the alignment system is active, I tried toggling the button off and then back on. I also tried the "Nearest Math Plugin".

4) After first connecting and changing to Equatorial, the mount coordinates show as 00 00 00 RA and -00 00 00 DEC.

5) After the first sync, the RA and DEC show the correct values of the star selected. This is correct for both manual syncing and plate solving.

6) The motion control is correct. i.e. "Right" moves the RA counterclockwise and "Up" moves the Dec counterclockwise. This is the same as if I was using only the hand controller without Ekos. This motion is also the same if using the Celestron SkyPortal app.