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I'm in the process of bringing up my devices one at a time on a brand new StellarMate device. I have a lot of devices that I've accumulated over the years, but all have previously been running on Windows/ASCOM, and I have never used INDI before, so I'm just feeling my way around INDI/Ekos/KStars and powering up one device at a time and checking everything out.

Latest to bring up is a RoboFocus controller. This was previously plugged in to a Windows 10 stick PC and fully calibrated and configured. Connected to it via INDI and... connected right away, found all the settings and still knows what the focus position is. Pretty impressive. Didn't even have to tell it which virtual serial port to look for.

I can set the absolute focus position through the INDI dialog without any problem, but for some reason I get errors whenever I try to set the relative position. Is this expected? I'm not sure what the behavior of the UI is supposed to be for this. I'm assuming this won't matter, since I'm expecting the focus tool to use absolute positioning (I'm just setting everything up indoors for now, so I'm not able to test) but I'd be interested to know if anybody has any thoughts on this.

I'm also getting occasional "TTY timeout" errors in the log. Not very frequent; about every 20 seconds or so. It doesn't seem to impact the operation at all. I'm assuming this is just the serial port losing a bit and tossing the request or response, but again, I'd be interested to know if this is typical.

Any pointers or feedback would be much appreciated...


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Was able to download the image, program to a new SD card, and it booted up and is running fine - I was able to register from the app without any issues.

Thanks for the assistance!


Duncan Kitchin replied to the topic 'Issues with software update' in the forum. 8 months ago

Got it - thanks for the prompt reply. I will download and install in the morning.


Duncan Kitchin created a new topic ' Issues with software update' in the forum. 8 months ago

Brand new Stellarmate user - just got the unit. Looking for some assistance...

Going through the startup instructions, and when I got to the app connection screen (on iOS) and it says that it cannot continue because the version of the OS is out of date and needs to be updated.

So I went to the Stellarmate instructions for updating software, and connected to the unit using VNC. I ran the software updater from the desktop as suggested, and it failed with an error. Not much in the way of diagnostics; there is something visible in the "details" window but it auto-closes almost immediately and is replaced with a dialog that just says "package install failed". I checked at that point to see if I could connect with the app, but it still says that the software version is out of date.

Following that, I tried the command line version of the update, but I still get the same failure message. At least this time it stays around so I can read it. It says:

dpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-firmware-raspi2_1.20190215-0ubuntu0.18.04.1_armhf.deb (--unpack): trying to overwrite '/lib/firmware/brcm/BCM43430A1.hcd', which is also in package bluez-firmware 1.2-4+rpt1~bionic1.0
dpkg-deb: error: paste subprocess was killed by signal (Broken Pipe)

can anybody help? I really have no idea how to proceed here. Any suggestions much appreciated.